The Jury Prize for FIP goes to Martins Grauds for his film Lust Lust


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Dear Shaded Viewers,

Martins grauds

 FIP took place tonight in the oldest circus in Riga. I was President of the FIP jury and had the pleasure of presenting Martins Grauds, director of Lust Lust, with the 3,000 EUROS  jury prize.

Grauds check 

Martins Grauds, director of Lust Lust

Winning actor and designer

Actor and costume designer for Lust Lust

The film was great, reminded me a bit  of Jim Jarmusch and David Lynch. The principle actor is a tango dancer and instructor but for  his first film role in Lust Lust, he was  a taxi driver. The direction, editing, costumes and acting were excellent, we were all very happy to award Lust Lust the prize.



Photos by David Herman

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