Eric Wesley NEW REALISTIC Figures at Maureen Paley in London


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Maureen Paley presents the first solo show of LA based artist Eric Wesley at the gallery. New Realistic Figures is re-titled from the original, comedic, Revenge of the Nerds. Each of the four works are models, bringing into question the nature and semantics of the terms 'real' and 'realistic'. One project is hand crafted, moulded, cast and packaged as a model kit by the artist while another involves a store bought model assembled by a professional. 


New Realistic Figures 

4 Sept – 4 Oct

private view: Friday 4 September, 6.00 – 8.00 pm

MAUREEN PALEY, 21 Herald Street, London E2 6JT



Diane Pernet

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