Josef Schomburg to the rescue chez Vincent Gagliostro

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Did you ever find yourself in this situation, you are working like crazy for days, weeks, and suddenly you have to restart the computer and instead of the apple what you find is a file folder with a blinking question mark. All you can think of is all of your life's work on the hard drive and now the hd can not be found…

Vincent and josef

I called Josef Schomburg to see if he had any suggestions, as it was late at night he offered to stop by on his lunch hour the next day. Even disk warrior did not work but Josef figured out a solution till we take the computer for repair later today. Josef installed the system on an external HD and we are back at work. I just pass this on in the event this happens to you. Mercury goes retrograde almost the entire month of September….back up. Finally Vincent could smile, along with all of the work he's been doing on ASVOFF2, his notes from his first feature film, After Louie have been saved. Thank you Josef you saved the day.



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