Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road by Eric Smith – September 26th at 19h as part of the special screenings for ASVOFF 2 at the Musee Galliera


Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road  by Eric Smith

Dear Shaded Viewers,

On one of director Eric Smith's  trips to SOUTH BEACH MIAMI he met IRENE WILLIAMS on LINCOLN ROAD. Her wild and colorful handmade outfits immediately caught his attention. With a video camera in hand he began to realize the amazing individual  inside these clothes. Over the next decade Eric documents the journey of Irene's outsider couture,  wisdom, and the heartfelt affection they share. Shades of Harold and Maude meets Grey Gardens in this sweet, funny and thoroughly endearing portrait of a rare bird in paradise and a friendship found.

Irene AnnieL lg

Irene Williams photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Eric Smith graduated from New York Law School in 1982 and passed the NY bar exam on the first try. He decided not to practice law and instead started E.G. SMITH SOCKS in 1982. He was the creator of the "SLOUCH SOCK" which revolutionized the hosiery industry. His LOOSE SOCK has been the rage of Japanese schoolgirls for over a decade.

Eric has been video taping events in his life for more than 30 years. This is his first film and with it he garnered 12 AWARDS. 

Irene WIlliams: Queen of Lincoln Road is 23 minutes long and will be shown Saturday, September 26th at 19h at the Musee Galliera as part of the special screenings for ASVOFF 2.



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