Brasilia – Capital Fashion Week- Day 2


Dear Shaded Viewers,

It is hard to believe that the modernist city deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site will celebrate its 50th year of existence in 2010. Equally amazing is the fact that the architect, Oscar Niemeyer is still designing at the age of 101. Oscar Niemeyer was one of the first architects to explore the possibilities of reinforced concrete solely for its aesthetic impact and was/is a supporter of Le Corbusier's views on architecture.One of the buildings that we saw today was designed by him a few years ago. 


Looking at this amazing architecture, can't you just picture it as a set for Tim Burton's Mars attack or, if poorly made, something that Ed Wood would have dreamed up?



Robb Young and I could not resist a little Double Trouble.



All Diane's photos taken with Samsung ST50

Diane Pernet

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