Riga for the FIP (Fashion is Passion) Baltic Fashion Short Film Festival


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Had a rather harrowing ride to Riga, the plane got diverted to Tallin because of a  thunderstorm. The reason that I am in Riga is because I am the president of the FIP jury. We meet tomorrow to decide which films will get funding to make and which films will be up for a prize.   


Rolands Peterkops, winner of two prizes at this year's Hyere's festival 


Damien, organizer of FIP

Had a lovely dinner with Rolands and Damien, made me forget the frightening plane ride, well at least the pilot was smart enough not to try and land in a thunderstorm. I did see a lot of beautiful clouds, if I was Sonny I would have documented them instead of just looking at them. 



All Diane's photo's taken with Samsung ST50

Diane Pernet

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