Undercover Jun Takahashi ‘Less But Better’

Undercover show  

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Jun Takahashi presented his first mens fashion show in Florence to an enthusiastic crowd of about 600 or more. The mix of technology, timeless classics and Undercover poetry was inspired by the German industrial designer, Dieter Rams. In Bauhaus mentality, Dieter eliminated all that was unnecessary and that was a starting point for the Undercover collection. Following a breathtakingly beautiful easy to wear, hyper modern collection, there was a nice Tuscan dinner in the garden afterwards Jun and his friends gave a live doll making performance to an adoring crowd. The making of a doll took three people about one hour and all the time we listened to an excellent concert.

Undercover doll 1 

This is not the doll of the live doll making but one of her relatives in the garden. The tree  above was full of dolls as well.

All Diane's photographs are taken with Samsung ST50 camera

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