Shoji Fujii at the Rouge Cafe and my Rodies

NDP with Rody in hairNshoji with Rodi cafe

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My friend Shoji just returned from a few weeks in Japan and with him, aside from my wonderful new custom made  computer case he brought me a gift from my friend Akiko Hamaoka, a series of sweetly colored Rodies. On one of my last days in Tokyo Akiko and I  got out of a taxi in Daikanyama and in front of us was  a shop with giant Rodies in the window. They made me smile so I had to stop to photograph them. In Japan little kids jump on them, these of course are mini size. Now they are sitting on my computer table and giving me sweet energy. I tried to put them all in my hair so I could show them to Akiko but their legs are too short to hold on. Shoji is wearing Pelican Avenue and looking completely chilled out from a nice relaxing journey in Japan. It was so hot today in Paris that I'm wondering what the summer will be like…



Diane Pernet

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