Cherry Blossoms and WABI SABI

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Cherry blossoms are trying to come out but I doubt that they will be in full flower before I leave Japan.


Akiko Hamaoka

My friend, the designer Kei Kagami (will show you more of his work very soon) had this to say about cherry blossoms:
“When we talk about a Japanese sense of beauty it is called WABI SABI, we often quote cherry blossoms. When is the most beautiful time for cherry blossoms? We Japanese say that the moment when a petal comes off from the flower, of course it is beautiful when it is in full bloom, but when the petals come off we feel another kind of beauty, something mental in life. The petals only live for one week a year, the tree lives just for that.” Kei Kagami.



Diane Pernet

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