Stefano reports from Milan: Ter Et Bantine part 1




A first quick look at the new winter collection from Manuela Arcari's line: Ter Et Bantine. These few images speak for the collection that was very appreciated by the audience and personally, I believe this could be a strong  contender for the best collection this season in Milan. 

Manuela concentrates on volumes in order to convey an  impression of a solid modern sophistication, the result is a line up of clothes that have found their roots in the  early 90's minimal mood, but that play with a lot of details, from materials to visual references, giving them a true contemporary vibe and a sense of  modern wearability. The forms seem to have been stolen from costructivist art. The  heavy and stiff fabrics possess a virtually male severity. The figure seems moulded by a chisel: it widens at the top to highlight the bust, and narrows in short skirts and jersey trousers that are often worn over leggings. Even the decorations are based on volumes: discs, cylinders, cubes and scales.The colors are limited mostly to black,grays, camel and cream.

My favourite moment: matt sequin fringes peeping out from underneath a masculine white shirt. But I also loved the last red dress that closed the show, if minimalism is our moment of truth in these tough times, that last dress was the sight of a hope burning for the future.

Other pictures to follow.