Stefano reports from Milan: Navarra part 2

Dear Shaded readers,

talking more about Navarra'show…the dominant feeling of austerity brings to mind futuristic atmosheres, offering a scenario of significant lines and shapes that are often emphasised, like a true architecture of the body. While the vocabulary of clothing is nothing more than essential, jacket + trousers, blouse + skirts, the dress and nothing else, structures reveal a careful attention, which often aims towards sculptural spectacularity. Pagoda-shoulders are one of the main themes, with a silhouette that reminds YSL in the early 80s. Skirtsruffle at the top thanks to bows and draping, than go straight down to the knee, trousers are structured like petals, with back flaps brought forward to create volume.

Material are always mixed, at their apex in dresses combining velvet, cad