AltaRomAltaModa – Gattinoni by David Gil

Universal lightness was the aim of Guillermo Mariotto for Maison
Gattinoni with his evening dresses, some made out of at least twenty or more meters of
Italian silk. His desire is for his creations to fly. And he succeeded,
anchoring Roman fashion aesthetics in the illusion of contemporary utopia.
Dresses are not dresses but sculptures where the functionality of sitting is
sometimes to be avoided. The long journey of heavily draped and decorated
superfluous garments gets in touch with reality with a tribute long evening
dress to Barack Obama. Obama's face was printed on a caftan using the highest
form of sustainable technological natural Ingeo fiber. Mariotto's manifesto is
excessive grand-soiree-style rigid armors abolishing contemporary economic
recession from the vocabulary of Gattinoni's couture house. Gittononi 01

Gittononi 02Gittnoni 03