An NVU with Joseph Dirand – Architect & Interior designer – photos by Adrien Dirand

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Before Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph Dirand chez Rick Owens. Joseph is designing the new Rick Owens shop in London and is a great admirer of the Rick Owens furniture line. Of course after the dinner I wanted to visit his website and check out his work. My visit inspired me to request this interview.


DP: How did it all start for you? Do you remember the first building or interior that you saw that left a real impact on you? How old  were you and what was it about the structure/interior that struck you?

JD: During my studies I had the opportunity to start in 1996 working for private clients since I was 21 years old. I did a few shops, private apartments and houses in the same time as my studies. I can remember images and experiences when I was young that made be want to become an architect. For example, about 20 years ago I visited a felt room by Joseph Beuys at Beaubourg, the visit of the Ronchamp Church by le Corbusier, a sculpture of light by James Turrell, the Versailles garden's of Le Notre, a picture of a traditional Japanese tea room, the Cistercian abbey of Thoronet and a chair from Gerrit Rietveld. Your inspirations can come from anywhere and everything and your personality comes from your reaction when facing things and the way you transform your culture into your personal experience.

DP: Did you have a formal education in architecture, if so where did you study and di you apprentice anyone afterwards?

JD: Yes, I studied architecture at the Architectural High School in Paris and graduated in 199. My only experience with another architect was with Jean Nouvel in 1999 and that was for three months before I created my own studio. 

DP: I remember at dinner you were talking about discovering the innovative French architect and designer mm
Diane Pernet

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