Jens Haas asks for your feedback on his upcoming book” Jens Haas 1999-2009

Dear Shaded Viewers,

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The other day Jens Haas sent me a link to the images in his upcoming book "Jens Haas 199-2009" and asked my opinion on them and to select 5 that I liked the most and the 5 that I liked the least.. I thought that it could be helpful for him if I would expand the survey to include my Shaded Viewers. 


"The book is about my life between Manhattan and Berlin, and the occasional escape from both. One of the projects I've been working on over the past few years is entitled "Life in Exile" which perhaps gives you a taste of it all. While I've done  a number of project oriented books in the past, this one is more intended to define my way of seeing things. So, I am very interested in feedback on the current edit. If you have a moment please go to (see "Upcoming") click through the edit and let me know what you think, what you like best and least and perhaps even why. That would be great and of course, thanks first of all to Diane for thinking of this." Jens Haas.



Diane Pernet

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