Mango and the 10 finalists for the 300,000 EUROS prize

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Mango Fashion Awards have chosen:

Josh Goot, Silvia Garcia Presas, Jean Pierre Braganza (that means he is up for Swiss Textiles award in November and the Mango award), Peter Pilotto & Christian de Vos, Lee Jin Youn, Christian Wijnants (he was nominated last year and also won the Swiss Textiles award of 100,000 EUROS several years ago), Miriam Lehle, Alex Kim, Jakub Polanka and Aleksandar Stanic & Fiona Sinha. Very heavy on London designers, as you can see.

A few missing links are due to the fact that I did not want to link a designer to a plastic surgeon or a bumper sticker maker. Congratulations to all of the designers and may the best man/woman or team win.



Diane Pernet

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