An adventure in mass consumption

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This was a rare moment between the blue plaid umbrella and my first visit to Ikea. My friend David Gil is building a closet for me and I want to organize all these DVD’s I’ve received for ASVOFF. August has been cold and wet, we like it like that.


It was a saga, we must have spent 4 hours there, one of those hours just trying to get things delivered, in the end they call you 10 minutes before they arrive and then they will not bring it up to your apartment or even in the hallway. So I have to wait from 5-9h30 Saturday night for the sidewalk delivery. I suppose I will need to try and charm the delivery guy at least into leaving the closet into the hallway and not on the sidewalk. If you want it delivered to your apartment you have to wait 10 days to 2 weeks, can you explain that logic to me?



photo by David Gil

Diane Pernet

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