Dear Shaded Viewers,

I first met Olivier Borde in London when he was working with Charles Anastase and then we met again this past Spring when he was participating in the Festival d’Hyeres.

DP: Where did you grow up and what was your life like as little Olivier Borde?

OB: Well I was born in Avignon and moved to the French Alps at the age of 4. I spent time living with both my parents and grandparents. My parents ran a restaurant by a beautiful lake and my brother and I were skiing and running around the mountains all the time. We moved back to Provence when I was 10 and spent my time enjoying the countryside, going to the beach and windsurfing.


DP: At what point was it important for you to choose your own clothes?

OB: I remember the first piece I bought when I was 10 and it was this weird stone bleached denim overalls at the “Pantashop” store in the Alps. I was so excited about it and so proud !!! lol ..
Then as a teenager I went through many different phases of style which included surfer, mod and then into my “Junior Gaultier” experimental stage

DP: Who are your style icons?

OB: David Hockney, Larry Clark, Rei Kawakubo and my Grandfather.

DP: Who do you think is the best dressed man that you know either personally, living or dead?
OB: My Grandfather again..


DP: What is the ultimate in sophistication for you and do you think that beingFrench gives you an edge on sophistication?

OB: Well the ultimate sophistication for me is feeling comfortable with who you are and what you wear.
I also believe sophistication has no nationality.

DP: What do you like to wear?
OB: I enjoy simple and comfortable clothes such as a nice pair of vintage Levis, a Ralph Lauren polo, sneakers (I also have an obsession for Nike windbreaker jackets)

DP: What inspires you when you design?

OB: Songs, films, books, stories and friends are my inspiration.
I don’t really do sketches and the process of the collection is more about talking with my collaborators and friends regarding the mood, fabrics, colors…..
I like to approach working in the same way as I would if I was cooking, which means I have all the supplies and start mixing things together until I get to the point and I find the right balance for the garment.


DP: You just came back from a holiday, where were you and did you forget about
working while you were there?

OB: Well it technically wasn

Diane Pernet

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