Thomas Engel Hart

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I just made this really long post and the computer crashed so I’m going to start backwards now. These past days have been made so much more pleasant thanks to Yoko Miyake and Karou Sasaki of commons&sense magazine. Karou provided Yoko with a wonderful driver and Jason Farrer and I were guests in Yoko’s car.

Jason Farrer and Yoko Miyake and Maxime Buechi And Thomas Engel Hart

This is how the day went, Juun J and Thomas Engel Hart were both scheduled at 16h, Thomas was a presentation and Juun J a show. We arrived very early at Thomas Engel Hart figuring that we could get an early preview and then go to the show but the models were not at all ready and we were told it was best to come back and that they would keep the models in the clothes till we arrived. They were shooting the look book in the meantime so here are a few images from that.


By the time we got back the models were already out of their clothes and the exhibition was finished. Here is Thomas with his models.

Thomas showed us a few of the pieces. Thomas Engle Hart and Hector Castro, who styled the show.

Even though it was not his size, I asked Jason to try on the jacket. There will be more images from the collection soon.




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