NVU with Chinatsu Nobe, hair stylist

Dear Shaded Viewers,
CHinatsu Nobe at work for Graham Tabor’s collection in Hyeres

Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos have been talking to me about Chinatsu for probably as long as I’ve known them so I was very happy to finally meet her and to watch her work at the 23rd edition of the festival d’Hyeres.


DP:How did you get into hair in the first place?
CN: i wanted to be a hair stylist since i was 6 years old. after i graduated in my small home town in Japan from Hair Dressing College i decided to go Tokyo to be professional HAIR_STYLIST but there was nothing that i would love to make and create as just a salon stylist and the work was not inspiring me, at all. at that time, it pretty much felt like I was losing my mind, even who I was, as a person… that’s when I decided to come to NYC, by myself. where, little by little, I found myself again.. here i was able to develop myself and find out who i am. Meeting amazing people like Miguel and Graham was essential in that process, to grow into my dream that I had since I was a little girl, of becoming a hairstylist.


DP:Do you think of hair as a form of sculpture?
CN:yes, definitely.

DP:How would you define your work?
CN:nature and forests in particular inspire me strongly as well as as green, flowers, sky, air, stars, clouds, water.

Chinatsu_branches CN:i once used tons and tons of branches of the red pepper plant, for hair.

photo by Minoru Kaburagi

DP: What has been your biggest challenge so far?
CN: i did a shoot couple months ago for Noi.se magazine (UK), where i had to make 10 totally different looks of clowns.

photos by Miguel Villalobos

DP: How did you meet Graham Tabor and how did you get involved in the Hyeres project?
CN:Approximately 3 years ago I met Graham for a test shoot he was styling. A year later I met Graham again backstage at a Karl Lagerfeld show, where we exchanged contact info. A few months after I received an email from Graham to shoot for METAL magazine… Miguel was the photographer on that shoot, which is how I met him. Working with these two talents got me to Hyeres!

Chinatsu Nobe and Kristin Victora Barron

DP: What was the experience like for you?
CN: It showed me that teamwork is everything.


DP: Highs and lows?
CN: Best moment at the Festival was

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