Last Breath Bruises collection by Sandra Backlund

Dear SHaded Viewers,

Last year’s grand prize winner always gets invited back to the festival d’Hyeres to present their collection. On Saturday April 26th lovely Sandra Backlund will present hers.


The story behind the Last Breath Bruises collecion is that Sandra had a terrible fall down the steps of her atelier. She was not in a rush, she did not feel dizzy, she did not faint and she did not slip on anything on the floor. “I did not even take one step onto the stairs, I just fell from the floor upstairs to the floor downstairs” href=””>Lbb_pic5_photo_annika_aschbergLbb_pic6_photo_annika_aschberg
“The next thing that I remember is I am sitting in the armchair upstairs again beaten black and blue and then my father called and told me the heartbreaking news that my beloved grandmother had just passed away. She took her last breath at the exact same moment that I fell down the stairs. It felt so strange to me but as my parents said, my grandmother and I have always had a special connection, so I guess it is not that strange after all.”



Photographs by Annika Aschberg

Diane Pernet

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