Thomas Beckner reporting from Art Week NYC

Here’s Marie Candylaftis right off the boat after transplanting herself in NYC from Paris. We luv having her here almost as much as she loves throwin back those free cranberry vodkas!

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A personal favorite of the night, you can tell that Greg has a kick-ass sense of humor. I hope I captured that in this video…Check him out at Greg Gaberny you won’t be disappointed.


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My Apologies: You can’t hear much of what renowned historian, Mike Shapiro, is saying due to poor sound quality, but I’m sure it’s something brilliant. Marie Candylaftis informs us that her fav artist of the night, David Hochbaum, will be sending his work to an up and coming gallery in Salt Lake City. Yeah, you read that right. More here: Hochbaum


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This plastic fork is ancient but contemporary artist G Habery apparently has the hookup. Greg Spencer is pissed that he missed supper with Jesus and his 12 cronies.

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Gallery owner, James Anthony, cruised in from Salt Lake to support a couple of artists including The Goldmine Shithouse and David Hochbaum. Have a peek at Jame’s gallery at James A

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J’espere que tout va bien la bas! bisous, Thomas