dino dinco – hot homo hijinx?

In the episode of "The Simpsons" featuring John Waters as the re-sale shop owner, John befriends the family and they all fall in love with him.  For fans of Italian cinema who may have missed this episode of the Simpsons, think of John’s role as the gay cartoon version of Terrance Stamp’s character in Pasolini’s "Teorema," minus the sex.  Homer suggests to Marge that they should invite John and his wife or girlfriend over for dinner some night, having no clue that the sardonic, Hawaiian-shirt wearing, pencil mustachioed, kitchen-curtain-admiring John is a homo.  Marge tries to gently break the news to Homer, telling him, "Homer, John prefers the company of men," to which Homer replies, "Who doesn’t?"

For those of you coming off the fashion show circuit, you probably
noticed that you were surrounded by a good number of homosexuals.  Even
if they don’t carry a sign that says, "Yes, I am!" you could feel it in
your gut that these guys prefer the company of John Waters and others of his gender.

Recently, I posted a peculiar video by a "reformed homosexual" minister type named Donnie Davies, who recorded the song "God Hates a Fag."   


(N.B. It appears that YouTube and MySpace have both removed the video and it’s become an instant, underground gay cinema cult classic!)

Disturbing to many,I suspected something queer was up, as the lyrics were way too smart, funny and "insider" to actually be from a genuine Christian fundy reformed-homosexual pop singer in a Village People mustache, pink shirt and a pair of package-eruptus-bearing white trousers.

And thus, it appears that some poofing sleuthing has been acheived:


See? the point is that god doesn’t hate a fag…he just hates a fag who doesn’t have a sense of humor about being one.


p.s. Check out Donnie’s little video message, regarding…well…he’s genius.