Sistema Moda e Made in Italy – a last look at Lecce

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Previous posts let you know that I was invited to participate in the Sistema Moda E Made in Italy in Lecce over the weekend. It was a great experience, I met wonderfully talented people in the industry and enjoyed Lecce, referred to in literature as ‘the city of regrets’. It is also the home of Ennio and Carlo Capasa (Costume National). Massimo Torrigiani, Editor in Chief of Rodeo, was the curator for the conference.


Renata Molho (il Sole 24 Ore) sitting between Carlo and Ennio Capasa of Costume National. As an aside, Carlo is the man that introduced Tom Ford to Gucci years ago.

Angelo Flaccavento,in between the sessions we had wonderful treats under the tent

Lecce by night

After the conference the Capasa family invited us to Ennio and Carlo’s 14th century villa for dinner. I wish that there had been more light so you could appreciate the equation that simplicity = elegance.

We walked to their private beach, in the backround is an outline of a small portion of the house.

dinner was sublime, Ennio and Andrea Ciccoli (Bain & Company) Andrea is credited with planning strategies for the top world brands.

Mauro brought this fish made by cloistered nuns twice a year.






Mauro Sticchi (Unicredit Banca d’Impresa) actually he was the last person that I spoke to at the airport, he arrived after my ordeal with 4 or was it 5 controls for what ever at the airport.

After the conference on Saturday, Angelo and I wanted to visit Madame Capasa’s shop, Smart. She’s been the owner of the most directional boutique in Lecce for 32 years. It’s no surprise that her two sons went into the fashion business. Maria Luisa told me a funny story about how when Ennio was quite young he refused to wear part of the school uniform because he did not like the way that it looked.

Angelo with the mother of Ennio and Carlo Capasa on our way to the Smart shop.


The Smart shop is a multi brand store carrying labels such as Balenciaga, Chloe, Gucci and of course Costume National. Here is Madame Capasa with a dress designed by her son Ennio. There are lovely details that you can not really see here like chains of black jet.

After our visit Madame Capasa took Angelo and I for a tea.


Massimo Torrigiani (the curator of the event) came to say good bye to Ennio and I before the driver took Andrea Ciccoli and the two of us to the airport. We had a tea together and then I went off to deal with the metal detector.

Antonio Padula (Costume National) Ennio Capasa and Massimo Torrigiani in the lobby of our hotel.



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