Day 1 Athens fashion week or DP lost in Athens

Dear Shaded Viewers,

As you noticed,I am in Athens for the Athens fashion week. The flight over was quite something. First it was as cold as a frigo and when people complained finally they turned up the heat so that it was as if your had been put inside of an oven. We all practically ran out of the plane. The view outside my window is of the fallen angel.
I was happy to find Nic Jones from Surface to Air/Rendez Vous on the trip.

After a bubble bath we all met downstairs and then went off to Zappeion Megaron for the official opening and the dinner.


Maria Mastori, Filep Motwary at the cocktail

there were many opening speeches but as I don’t speak Greek I’m not even sure who was speaking. I think that this is the mayor.

This is the most important woman in Greek fashion, I trust Filep Motwary will fill in the namesPresinstyle
The president of In-Style, one of the sponsors

I wish that I had the images to support this but there was a table in my line of view with one guy in between 3 beautiful women with abundant breasts pouring out of their scanty clothes. Glamour and Sex seem to reign supreme here and the man had a huge smile on his face for the entire dinner. At one point I felt the need to leave the table and Filep Motwary was kind enough to walk me out.
Once I was out of the room I thought that since it was 1 h. it might be the moment for me to leave but first we walked by the kitchen where the deserts were being prepared.
Filep put me in a taxi, paid the driver and told him where to take me but that was just the beginning of the longest drive home.
The sweet old guy had no clue where he was going. I did not have Filep’s Greek number in my mobile, I called Costas Argiriou who was in the middle of preparing music for designers to call Filep and have him call me. He did and the saga continued. I dread the phone bill as there were at least 7 calls on my phone , and at 3 different moments the taxi driver had me speaking on his phoneto his brother . I thought that he’d called the hotel but no it was the driver’s brother who spoke english. In the meantime I texted Robb Young in London who I always contact in emergencies which is insane as he is in London I live in Paris and this surreal experience was in Athens, but I seem to always do that be it a power failure in Paris the night before I leave for LA and I am expecting a call from the LA Times or lost in a taxi in Athens, I guess I know that he can find solutions and put a perspective on it all. Finally around 2 h. I got to my hotel. Robb called back to see if I made it and so did Filep. So much for Greek taxi’s, sounds like a new city for the Jim Jarmush film which followed taxis around Finland, New York, Paris.. .

More fashion later when the shows begin.

Diane lost in Greece

How did we ever live without mobile phones? I’d probably still be in that taxi driving around Athens.

l8h00 Friday, Just a short note to tell you that I just came back from the Benaki Museum where I met Vassilis Zidianakis and had a preview of his paper dress exhibition which will open for two months on the 19th of February. I’ll post some images when I come back from the shows.

Diane Pernet

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