Mei Hui VICTIM show in London

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Mei Hui Lu, the designer behind the label Victim and the co-owner of the shop Respiro had her show on the last day of LFW. I was already back in Paris but Rene Gloor sent me thes images today..
Photographs of the show are by Rene Gloor (that is him standing next to Mei Hui)

Respiro Boutique 2 Ganton Street London WlF 7QL just off of Carnaby Street

The day before Mei Hui’s show we all had lunch at our fave resto, photos are forbidden not sure how Rene got away with this one, then it was off to another show.



A few more images from Rene, Leonardo di Caprio looking large and Armani looking sexy in a Zorba the Greek kind of way


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