Julian Bertic reports in from Kuwait city on their first H&M store

Dearest Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

Tonight, september 19th, was the opening party for the first H&M store in Kuwait City in the Marina Mall .
If you looked at the invitation it looked as if it were for a real
party, but it ended as if it were the a first day of winter sales.
The store is located in the most popular mall of the city on the Arabian Gulf Road where
all the major high street brands have a store.
Listening to the radio on my way to the event, the advertising was saying
that the opening of september 20th was a blast in the country (nothing less
than that) and looking at the shopping bag, the arrival of the Swedish brand
is going to change Kuwait forever.

Obviously Madonna was not present but pictures of her were everywhere in the
city and the mall.

After the Dubai opening 2 weeks ago, Kuwait store is the second one to open in
the middle east region. There are more to come including the menswear line.


Diane Pernet

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