My weekend in Berlin hosted by Ideal trade and fashion show

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My friend Robb Young and I were invited to Berlin this past weekend to experience the Ideal trade and fashion show. We stayed at the Park Inn at Berlin Alexanderplatz.I was in l805 and he was in 1804.


My flight was about 2 hours late. By the time that I got to my hotel and said hello to Robb we were ready to meet the rest of the guests at a dinner hosted by Sumi, the force behind Ideal and the owner of the boutique Best.

Waiting for our totally cool driver, Julien, Robb pointed out some hotel art. That is Sumi hosting our welcome dinner.
Lotta Skeletrix and Alban at the dinner and Rupert and Fumiko. A pic of my mint milkshake.

Day 2

That is Robb reclining on my bed while we wait for the driver. I wanted to show Robb my installation at BBB studio before spending the rest of our weekend with Ideal.
That is the Berlin version of Logos Mutant and RObb relaxing at Ideal

The collections above – Marios, who did not want to be filmed, MakinJanma who designs clothes for the characters of the screenplay that he is writing and JolineJolink, my favorite designer from her graduating class at Arnheim and Jean Pierre Branganza, men’s wear designer that cuts a good trouser. Twin brother designers model L&A Mathger their urban wear. They also did an installation and made a film especially for You Wear it Well. Accessories by Tatty Devine.
Robb and I took a walk back to our hotel before going to the fashion show. I can never get enough of our double trouble shots and on this trip…we only got one.


The show began with the winner of the jury prize at Hyeres, Anthony Vaccarello
THis does seem to be the year for menswear.
first 4 looks are Henrik Vibskov and the last three looks are Jean Pierre Braganza

Before I went to bed on Friday I turned on the TV and watched part of the Tin Drum in German. I came in on the bit with the midget couple in bed. In the morning Robb told me to turn on the tv to watch some of the days programming. I give you a sample.


After the show there was the party. Here is RObb with Sumi and Christian Rosa from Placed Magazine and Katharina Kemmler from BBB. The two K’s from Bread and Butter and Feride and Jan from USLU Airlines
RobbandsumiChristianandkataraKand_k_2UsluairlinesJulienrobbThehugrohHermann from Wendy & Jim was really happy to see Robb Young. They had a warm hug but since my camera was not ready, I made them repeat it for me. We all laughed. That is Julien, our driver, actually a last year student in architecture, and Robb. I left the party, he stayed on.

Day 3

I met with Christian Rosa to talk about a possible collaboration between us and the new magazine that he is launching this september, Placed. He brought me my first skate board, one that he designed for his company, Delight Skateboards. There is going to be a new skateboard design with ASVONF.
It was really funny, later before Robb and I got into the car to go to the airport Robb decided to take an image of me with the Delight skateboard. A young guy passed by and wanted to know if we were shooting a promotion for the skateboard and refused to believe that we were not. The skateboard is now living in Paris.

After our meeting, the three of us went to Ideal.


My flight was a few hours before Robb’s but we decided to go to the airport together. We never know when we will see each other again so we might as well enjoy every last minute.

I like to see Robb wearing a coca cola halo.



Diane Pernet

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