The Falling Eye – Saskia Olde Wolbers at Stedelijk Museum CS

Dear Shaded Viewers,

23 June – 24 September 2006 Saskia Olde Wolbers ‘The Falling Eye’ is the first solo exhibition of Saskia Olde Wolbers in Stedalijk Museum CS. The London-based artist made her debut with ‘Mindset’ at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam in 2000, Olde Wolbers creates video works structured around fantastical narratives and hallucinatory images. The exhibition focuses on her latest video film Trailer (2005) and from which the exhibition derives its title ‘The Falling Eye’ which refers to a medical condition afflicting one of the characters. ‘The Falling Eye’ references the way in which the protagists in Olde Wolbers’ films experience their lives: as an intricate tangle of illusion and reality.




Diane Pernet

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