“OUTINGS” exhibtion, Los Angeles, closing this Saturday, 03 June 06.


“Later I would think of America as one vast City of Night stretching gaudily from Times Square to Hollywood Boulevard jukebox-winking, rock-n-roll moaning: America at night fusing its dark cities into the unmistakable shape of loneliness.__Remember Pershing Square and the apathetic palm trees. Central Park and the frantic shadows. Movie theatres in the angry morning-hours. And wounded Chicago streets.”

From City of Night, John Rechy (1963)

“It’ll be only with people with identity … that’s what the park was about … and the numbers. Losing control and losing identity. But I’m in control again, and that’s what I won.”

From Numbers, John Rechy (1967)

And opening Friday, 09 June 06:


“Los Angeles artists Miguel Angel Reyes & Rick Castro present: Miguel & Rick’s “!Quinceanera!”

A mexican tradition, the Quiceanera signifies a coming of age and landmark in a young Latina ladies life, turning 15 years of age.

Miguel & Rick take this term to commemorate 15 years of creating sexy, sensual and erotic images depicting male latinos as objects of adornment & lust, therefore becoming a “Coming Out” into the arts society.

The exhibition will feature drawings from life, paintings, silkscreens & photography depicting Latinos, Chicano’s,Guero’s, homeboys, vatos, cholos, caballeros and cochinos!

Featured artists include: Miguel Angel Reyes, Hector Silva, Ruben Esparza, Gregory Borquez, Dino Dinco, and more!!

Antebellum Gallery is located at 1643 North Las Palmas Avenue,
in the heart of Hollywood.
general hours- wednesday through saturday- 12-6pm.
phone# 323 856-0667

for further info: http://www.rickcastro.com/

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