Stella Starsky of Starsky + Cox at the Colette Water Bar

Fri 03/03/2006 17:11 DianePERNET(1968)
Fri 03/03/2006 17:11 DianePERNET(1968)
Dear Shaded Viewers,

Sex is becoming quite trendy in Paris these days what with the boutique sex shops popping up around town. Today until the 4th Colette has a visit from the writers of the book Sextrology who are giving mini readings in their Water Bar.

Starsky + Cox met 23 years ago when they were students. I found this quite interesting as I’d always heard that Capricorn and Libra was not a great combination.  Ten years ago  the two of them were doing readings for a Teen Magazine when they were discovered by Rob Weisbach of William Morrow. He proposed that they do a book. They worked on it for four years, it came out in 2004, was a huge success  and now they are busy with their second book and at the same time they are developing themselves as a brand. A year and a half ago the BBC proposed that they do a TV show which should be aired in the next year.  In dealing with Sextrology they base their findings  on pop culture, literature, myths, archetypes and even biblical references and they say that they are the first book of it’s kind that deals with gay couple relationships as well as straight ones.

In addition to the readings they offer leather bound hand crafted sextrology charts. Perhaps they will become the Hermes of the Astrology world.

Later, Diane

Diane Pernet

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