Victor and rolf

Mon 27/02/2006 16:13 DianePERNET(1717)
Mon 27/02/2006 16:13 DianePERNET(1717)
Absolutely beautiful, what I could see of it. Thing is I arrived to late to get to my seat and I had to stand behind very tall people with arms flinging up with cameras. The music was great as well. You are going to have to wait till the shows are over and Sonny and I can go over the images and then you’ll actually be able to see something. The sound track "Don’t touch" No communication of any kind. I can suck you dry." was a sound piece by the artist Bruce Nauman. If I couldn’t see much. I certainly enjoyed the sound track. From what I did see I saw beautifully classic V&R in the old order of their historic couture collections. Looked like cash registers should be ringing as the collection was quite commercial with attention to sleeve details. Feels like the puffy coat is back on many of the runways and here it looks exceptionally good. There were interesting interpretations at Rick Owens the day before as well.

My mistake, I never thought that V&R would be so elegant as to start nearly on time. Very YSL of them and something YSL in the air about the collection.

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