Pat Kurs and her bordello dolls and Helmut Newton as Tarzan

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I am working on an article on my dear friend Pat Kurs. Last night I asked her to send me a few low  resolution jpegs so that her images could inspire me. Recently she had a show at Joyce Gallery in Palais Royal, these were on exhibit there.


All photographs by Pat Kurs, prints by Jennifer Gorman, Eyescamp

Pat worked as a stylist with all of the best photographers at a time when fashion was going full blast in New York. In fact that is when the two of us met. Helmut Newton was a major influence on her life and in an interview given a short while before he died, he dedicated a paragraph and a half to her and how much he appreciated working with her and receiving her poloroids.

The article will appear this spring in Issue-One Magazine, a new London publication.

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Diane Pernet

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