Merry Christmas to Shaded Viewers and a good radio station for you from Mario Canal and True Learning from Ranko Bon

Dear Shaded Viewers,

WIshing Shaded Viewers a great holiday. This illustration brought out the animal in me it was also used for my DAA t-shirt, thanks to the graphic designer Pierre Marie Agin. I was thinking of asking Pierre Marie to decorate me with a few Christmas snowflakes and a Christ on the cross around my neck but I think I’ll just leave the drawings as they are, all good things to all good people not just for a day but for life. A special thank you to all of my stellar contributors and the support of all the Shaded Viewers.




"P.S.- If you can, listen to Siglo XXI on the internet. It is a program of the spanish national Radio3. Go to then click on RNE Emisiones en vivo -on the left- and then Radio3. I just love that program, it is perfect for waking up the day slowly… I am such a fan I dont even want to leave this relax cafe to be able to listen to it… "  Mario Canal

I don’t speak Spanish but I am enjoying it right now.


Swedish Christmas and Happy New Year from Catherine Giacomini


-Oskar Ojala-Hyv

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