IDIOTS Fantasy vs. Reality

Dear Shaded Viewers,

More images from the exhibit that I saw yesterday in Amsterdam by Afke Golsteijn aka Idiots called Recycled Paradise. This exhibit is the most difficult to get into as it is in the high security Bank of Holland where, like I told you, all of the gold of Holland is ll levels below the floor and if you even think of trying to pull an Oceans 11, as soon as your feet touch the ground a system is set off to flood the space with water so that the intruder will surely drown.

Now for the images of Recycled Paradise:
Afke4759Hedge hog

Afke9054look for the embroidery on the inside of the rabbit’s ears.


Afke9069Eve was the dress behind Afke when we did the interview.

Afke9070Detail from Eve

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