Yesterday, while not at a fashion event, I met artists Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny, who dropped by Galerie Baumet Sultana. They were taking a little break in Paris after installing their exhibition, “Wiggers,” in Berlin.

I had just seen Slava and Brian together days before, standing on a corner of the rue de Rivoli, wearing the shirts that you see them in here. From the bus window, I thought, “They’re from America.” We had a drink and talked about doing laundry, a few people we knew in common and digital cameras.


Slava’s Mexican adidas jersey came from a 2nd hand shop in Los Angeles, which made me crave fish tacos dripping in Cholula and a giant horchata from La Golondrina on Placita Olvera.

Brian and Slava told me about a very dark cruising forest in Germany that sounded like a horny, chaotic free-for-all. I’m getting the feeling that since I’ve made a project involving a cruising area, I’ll be talking about them more often…

Ironically, as I was leaving Sicily last week, my host, Max, was showing me an abandoned brick factory that was incredible. I noticed a couple of single men walking around the barren location, between the sea and the factory ruins. I asked Max if the brick oven still existed and he took me to it. I noticed a few condoms on the ground, inside this huge brick circular cave-like space. Just as I said, “Hey, Max, is this a….,” he pointed and said, “Elysian Park…Married men come here to have sex.”

Hmm…something so phallic in the design here…no wonder…

A side view…

Things still heat up in the factory’s oven…

Orale, pues. Con cuidado…

Dino Dinco