Ann-Sofie Back and Jonathan Saunders

Tue 20/09/2005 21:42 DianePERNET(1123)
Tue 20/09/2005 21:42 DianePERNET(1123) Ann-Sofie Back

Before Victim and Ann-Sofie Back, RObb and I went to see Jonathan Saunders, I thought that I had sent you a few images but now I notice that I deleted them before sending them. Guess you will have to find him on Jonathan did what he always does but better. The collection was very flapper inspired with a mix of colors and geometric patterns. I could not see much from where I was sitting but what I did see I liked.

Ann-Sofie Back went a bit more commercial and 80’s inspired with peblums, asymetric jeans and real models this season. That was the last show of the day and I wanted to meet some friends for the Eley Kishimoto party or the Tank Party or the…..but instead I had a quiet dinner with my friend Elaine and went home. Later, Diane

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