holiday pictures from Sonny V and DP in the New York Times T Style Magazine

Dear Shaded Viewers,

A few more holiday photos appeared in my mailbox today and I thought that you might enjoy them. I especially liked the one of Sonny V on a joyride in Madrid. That is him on the left. The beach is in Benicassim. His parents have a great place in Xabia, Spain where he goes to swim, eat, read and drink Cajhilios for a week. (Is that how you spell it?)

Sonny V is the photographer in Anina’s Project Lifeblog

My friend Miguel Osuna called me in the middle of the night to congratulate me on the page written about me in the New York Times  T Style Magazine today. He loved the photo by Peter Lippmann, I do too but when I asked him to read the article by Josh Patner to me, all he  said was don’t worry about the article…. I could not sleep well last night.



Diane Pernet

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