dinner with Donald Schneider, Prosper Keating Julian Meijer and a new idea from Dead


Wed 27/07/2005 23
:47 DianePERNET(967)

I met my friends Donald Schneider, Prosper Keating and Julian Meijer (in that order on the photo) at Omar’s for dinner. Donald is one of my oldest friends, we met in NYC in the 80’s,  he is an art director whose profile includes production, pr and beyond. Prosper is a writer, writing I don’t know how many books at the same time and owns 11 motorcycles, the one he had tonight is 55 years old and running. Julian is a photo agent and his mother had a long correspondence with Anis Nin. I think he is going to publish a book of those letters one of these days. The light was beautiful. Julien was saying how he’s been doing an Air France campaign for the past 3 days and all they needed were blue skies, now that the shoot is over, finally…blue skies.


An idea from Jon at Dead shot on the artist Hafsteinn Michael. Earlier in the afternoon I met with Pierre Marie Agin and Nicolas at my favorite Japanese tea salon. That is Pierre-Marie in the short pants and boots on the quai at Concorde.



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