Romain kremer and Lovey / Yvon Lambert gallery visit with Nicola B.

Tue 12/07/2005 14:44 DianePERNET(800)Romain_loveyDirty_sweet

Tue 12/07/2005 14:44 DianePERNET(800)

My friend Lovey is in town. That is Romain Kremer, the winner of the Hyeres festival creativity prize on the left and with Lovey on the right. She used to model for me. You can find her in one of the folders on my site about my fashion history. Now, Lovey is designing handbags, her company is called DirtySweet, This is her new ad campaign, art directed by Lovey and photographer, yours truly. Dessert was provided by Cafe Beaubourg. All I can say is the profiterole was too big for us

Joan Jonas Le Studio, Joan Jonas is having a big revival now and everyone seems to be rejoicing in it.

I had missed the opening at Yvon Lambert and decided that today was the day to go and visit my friend Nicola B at Yvon Lambert and have a look at the exhibitions.  I enjoyed watching Joan Jonas’s video’s with her dog.


I also enjoyed the Project Room, called Vacancy by Robert Stadler. That is Nicola B in the mirror pieces.


and ov course Johhannes Wohnseifer Some Black Diamonds installation was perfectly my taste.

Johannes Wohnseifer Some Black Diamonds

Yvon Lambert – Paris  till 30th of July.

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