DP and Roxanne Lowitt shot by Wiglius de Bie at Studio Zerowww.

Sat 09/07/2005 14:06 DianePERNET(794)
Sat 09/07/2005 14:06 DianePERNET(794)

Once upon a time Wiglius was the assistant to iconic fashion photographer Roxanne Lowitt. Roxanne was my neighbor in NYC for 13 years and we’ve stayed friends ever since. Wiglius is working on a series of portraits and so I showed up at the tail end of her session and we decided it could be fun to be photographed together. I love the result. Later, Diane

P.S. Roxanne told me something that I loved. She said she had dinner with Claudia Cardinale last night, they are good friends, and  Claudia knows who you are. I was impressed. Found it hard to believe but enjoyed the story anyway. Roxanne swears it is true.

Diane Pernet

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