Sun 03/07/2005 14:39 DianePERNET(675)
Sun 03/07/2005 14:39 DianePERNET(675)

Dear Shaded Viewers, I decided to go have a look at the Eley Kishimoto collection since all I’d ever seen was what was on the gumball, and it’s really great. It feels like Mark is wearing every piece which is already a good sign.  Robin and Lilianna were having lunch with Mark and I had just run into Matthew, the groomer from the Gumball. He is doing Mark’s show and Hermes and I don’t know who else. Funny thing was by chance he is staying at an apartment directly accross the street from Mark’s showroom at LA Distribuzione. There are no accidents in life. Ran into Juliano Salgado again as well today,  probably had not seen him for 7-9  years and then two days in a row. Strange, where is the crop circle?

Later, Diane


Diane Pernet

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