Coming attractions: news from Dino Dinco, photographer based in LA

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Just a note before I run off to Brussels for La Cambre’s end of the year show, I’ve asked LA based photographer, Dino Dinco to contribute from Los Angeles and to show us some of his latest work. Keep tuned, till then here is a photo of the soon to be California contributor.


Dino Dinco at the beach

Take care, Diane

P.S. I cannot stop listening to Antony "Un Jour.. I am a bird" it was a gift from Marjan and Sasha from Kokon ton Zai just before I left for the Gumball rally and my adventure with Eley Kishimoto. He used to be a back up singer for Boy George. on Rough Trouble records sold, of course, at Kokon to Zai.

Diane Pernet

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