2005 Hyeres festival images that did not make it onto my posts

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Either I was filming with my mini dv camera or using my nokia to life blog to you, here are a few images from the festival d’Hyeres  picked up by my Canon digital camera. I took very few in fact.


One of Jean Joeriman’s gardens. We were looking for a location for my breakfast shots and also to interview some of the town’s more eccentric inhabitants. I adored our visit with Jean Joeriman and his wife. He received many people over the years like YSL, Christian Dior and now Brass Cupcake.


DP with Jean Joeriman and that is Steff Bus, musician, in the background. Can you see the quality of the tapestry on the wall? The other 3 in that league are owned by the Louvre.


we found the perfect spot for my breakfast


location scouting, Steff Bus took us to great locations and in fact he is the one that thought of visiting Jean Joeriman’s. Imagine knocking on someones door out of the blue and being invited in to spend a memorable 40 minutes or so.


a visit to the twins – Estelle and Marion Hanania


Wilfriend Mayer and Tonja Zeller with her sister. Tonja won one of the 1,2,3 prizes and was destined to be a winner. I thought that she would win first prize as I told you before but if she had not won a prize I would have been very disappointed. She did and I’m satisfied about that.


David Gil and Dan Salzmann (DP on the shoot). Dan kept advising David to smile a lot. David smiling.

David Gil still smiling


Akira Naka and Kenji Tanaka the night before the final show. There was definitely a buzz about them and I thought that their technique about the growing wool would have won them a prize. They were in the consideration for a prize.


Romain presents his collection to Maida. Romain and I laughed through all of the tensions of the week.

Romain’s friends after the show.

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