Please go check out Natasha Gornik at the first exhibition of her photography in Paris. Natasha is a Brooklyn based artist who describes herself as a
professional Experiencer. For the past decade, she has been
photographing the kink culture and capturing the dynamism of the
individual through portraiture. Her photography is a visual journal of
sexuality, her travels and the individuals that she meets along the way.
Still life plays an important role in her work especially in
contextualizing the more visceral images. Her goal is not to document
but  capture the essence and experience of the scene through the camera.
She also participates, making her images part of a personal narrative.
Natasha's blog is a diaristic mix of my words and photography
which are about food, fuck and a couple things in between.
She has been included in numerous group exhibitions throughout the
United States and her photography exists as limited edition fine art

  • Dear Diane,
    This is probably a bit weird to write, but sunday I saw you at the Arnhem ModeBiennale. I was walking in the church at the same time as you were (if you have seen me I was one of the 2 girls dressed in all black). Later that day I saw you a few more times walking around the city and at the little market next to the railway. I really admire your work and your style so I was pretty excited to see you in real life. I think at one point you even smiled at us, if I am right. Which makes me like you even more. As a young girl wanting to work in fashion in the future, I really think you are a role model because I feel like you always stay true to what you like and your own style but you are also open minded towards or interested in other people’s style or vision. I hope this message doesn’t come off as creepy or anything because that is not my intention.
    Love, Jasmin