I <3 Alexis Bittar! Resort 2012 Images Make Me Happy! by Jessica Trent

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

I started collecting New York-based designer Alexis Bittar several years ago. I love the positive glow of his hand-carved lucite. His pieces make a woman feel powerful and feminine. I find that Alexis Bittar works amazingly with my vintage looks as well as when I do a minimalist modern thing.  I gush and I crush on his campaigns. I am happy to see this fantastic designer still having FUN with his work. A glimpse at Resort 2012 below. I will be anxiously awaiting their arrival to his stores here in LA la land. Sad I didn't get a chance to pop into his NY boutique when I was there for fashion week. 



Here is what the brilliant designer has to say:

"For Resort 2012 I combined a few of my favorite things

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