Set on the eve of prohibition in 1920s Atlantic City, HBOs new show BOARDWALK EMPIRE created by Terence Winter (THE SOPRONOS), premiers September 19th in the US.  Produced by Martin Scorsese, who directed the pilot, the show stars Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson (the real life Nucky Johnson, see pictures below).The costumes and sets looks great, though I am not a huge fan of Buscemis, this seems like a good fit for him.

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Boardwalk Empire Trailer
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Nucky Johnson



  • Thanks, I really like Buscemi, have since Resevoir Dogs. xxx

  • Coucou ! Pas trop le temps de te lire mais merci aussi.

  • Tous d’accord sur votre opinion.

  • Votre article m’a donné beaucoup de reflexions.