Grey’s Modern Asian Tribe collection-Bangkok Fashion Week

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last night I was talking to my friend Antoine about his  trip last week to Bangkok and how much he loved the experience. Of course I told him about the collection Grey. This morning, I had news from Bhanu from Grey and so I show you a few of the images from their A06 collection.

The collection is an assembly of childhood memories including the playful and the violent. Grey is more about social causes, survival and protection than about making a fashion statement.



Diane Pernet

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  • adrian

    2 cool! bravo,diana!

  • dinodinco


  • nolan

    the essence it captures in the moment is stunning and heartbreaking and hopeful. truly a feat and an inspiration to see that people still care about their work.

  • paola

    I have been obssessed by the Grey collection since I came accross it….I love their almost handcrafted pieces, they bring stories of a quieter time.
    thanks for the beautiful pictures!!