Beyonce wears GARETH PUGH twice at MTV Awards last night



Diane Pernet

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  • that grey dress wasn’t such a great idea.

  • rihanna did the leather, edgy makeover; ciara’s new video has the severe lagerfeld mugler pilati/ysl all over it. beyonce jumps on pugh. i smell a trend. or maybe we all love roisin murphy? nonetheless, it’s nice to see gareth’s clothes on a different body, but for beyonce? that had to be some stylist’s influence.

  • jj


  • MeME

    Beyonce just about to get to fat to wear all of these tacky clothes. she is not a teenager anymore and she looks like her body has been had. She looks very tired, worn out and really need to give this up. But we all know she is money hungry. It good though because she is really to dumb and stupid talking. (How many ways can you use umm and so blessed) to work anywhere else and to stupid to know that she is country and dumb.

  • Marija