Chanel by Sonny Vandevelde

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Chanel PR were not very kind to the backstage photographers, the way that the show was set up there really wasn’t any back stage and when the girls were going to actually be where the ‘backstage’ photographers could shoot them and bring you some interesting photographs, they were all told that they had to leave. Sonny did his best to bring you something but we all know that backstage is far more interesting than runway.






All photos by Sonny Vandevelde

Later, Diane still at the internet cafe. Did I mention that I’ve had it with

Diane Pernet

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  • LEX/Amsterdam

    Very good picts !……my favourite is the ” three graces” in black…and indeed the backstage pictures
    give the models a more real approach making them unpredictable, energetic and fun to look at….looking forward to the next…..

  • dinodinco

    Could the models look any more grim? Maybe there was a wake backstage?

  • lenny

    weird… the male model on the 4th pic, is a canadian guy, andrew stetson, hes pretty short and i dont think he’s got anything interesting face-wise, maybe a boy next door look but even then… He’s got a very generic look.

  • The girls in the Chanel pictures all look frightfully young. Maybe it’s the make-up? Maybe it’s me? Or maybe they really ARE very young? They all look like sixteen or something.

  • LEX/Amsterdam

    They are very young ….and some very skiny models and some do have a somber look to a point…and yet it is their choice because it is their dream to be chosen to walk on the stage. arguably, for the most prestigious and exclusive label still…” Channel “….and with all the controversy about young and skinny models sent into the airwaves by the Spanish media, it can be assumed that Monsieur Lagerfeld being always himself on how he views things, didn’t go along with the controversy and decided to let the show go on…..I hope the girls enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame……in this particular venue