Joey McMakin shoes photographed by Alessandro Barattoni

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last week I showed you some of the shoe desings by Joey McMakin. I had taken them on the table at the Japanese resto where we were having lunch. Photographer Alessandro Barattoni does them more justice.



The shoes are currently available in Paris at Maria Luisa as welll as good specialty stores around the planet.



Diane Pernet

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  • Those are really nice. Love the design. I can’t resist appreciating the style of the shoe.

  • really love love love these shoes! esp. the front bit…

  • RY


  • cate shelley

    joey, i’m in atlanta looking at your shoes and they are beautiful and i love them; love the web site, so cool. so glad to see what you have done. send me a note if you can, love cate from atlanta. love and kisses cate